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    • A Better World Canada [Charity Rating: 2/5]

      Breaking the Cycle of Poverty.

      International Aid

      Lacombe, AB

    • Acadia University [Charity Rating: 4/5]

      You expect the world, we offer nothing less

      Education - University

      Wolfville, NS

    • Acclaim Health [Charity Rating: 2/5]

      Solutions for Your Health Care Needs


      Oakville, ON

    • ADRA Canada [Charity Rating: 2/5]

      Empowering Communities. Changing Lives.

      International Aid

      Newcastle, ON

    • Aga Khan Foundation Canada [Charity Rating: 3/5]

      Aha Khan Foundation partners with Canadians and communities overseas to build a better future for everyone.

      International Aid

      Ottawa, ON

    • Against Malaria Foundation Canada [Charity Rating: 4/5]

      Every single net matters.

      International Aid

      Toronto, ON

    • Agence Ometz [Charity Rating: 3/5]

      Changing lives together

      Social Services

      Montreal, QC

    • Working with Scarborough residents to build strong and healthy communities.

      Social Services

      Toronto, ON

    • Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama'at Canada [Charity Rating: 0/5]

      Love for All, Hatred for None.


      Maple, ON

    • Alberta Adolescent Recovery Centre [Charity Rating: 2/5]

      Families united against addiction.

      Social Services - At-Risk Youth (Addiction Recovery)

      Calgary, AB

    • Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society [Charity Rating: 5/5]

      Changing lives through kindness

      Animal Welfare

      Calgary, AB

    • Alberta Cancer Foundation [Charity Rating: 2/5]

      Alberta's Cancer-Free Movement

      Health - Cancer

      Edmonton, AB

    • Together we can help build healthier futures for all our children.

      Health - Hospital Foundation

      Calgary, AB

    • Alberta Conservation Association [Charity Rating: 4/5]

      Conserving Alberta's Wild Side


      Sherwood Park, AB

    • Alberta Ecotrust Foundation [Charity Rating: 1/5]

      Healthy Ecosystems for All Albertans.


      Calgary, AB

    • Alberta Wilderness Association [Charity Rating: 5/5]

      Defending Alberta's Wilderness


      Calgary, AB

    • Alice House [Charity Rating: 3/5]

      Alice House is the key to opportunity and a new beginning.

      Social Services - Women

      Dartmouth, NS

    • Alliance Canada [Charity Rating: 2/5]

      Christ-centred. Spirit-empowered. Mission-focused.


      Mississauga, ON

    • Alpha House Society [Charity Rating: 4/5]

      A safe environment for those affected by alcohol and other drug dependencies.

      Social Services - Homeless (Addiction Recovery)

      Calgary, AB

    • ALS BC [Charity Rating: 3/5]

      Making moments matter


      Richmond, BC

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