FREE One-on-One Coaching

When we update charity reports or create new ones, each and every charity receives Quick Tips on how to improve its results reporting grade, along with its confidential breakdown of scores on each of the 26 Keystone questions. In addition, Charity Intelligence offers FREE one-on-one coaching.

It’s typically a 30-minute phone conversation to run through a charity’s individual grade, with specific details and sharing examples of where it can improve its results reporting.

To book a one-on-one coaching session for your charity, please schedule with Katie Khodawandi, Ci’s results reporting guru.

We began counting in November 2018. Since then, Katie has coached 15 charities. Seven charities got back to us with changes and their results reporting score increased by 45 points on average. The range was +14 points to +62 points. That's 30 minutes that can raise a charity's grade and star rating.

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