When disasters happen, Canadians ask Charity Intelligence to recommend charities that can best help. Disaster giving is one of the trickiest areas of intelligent giving: help is needed immediately, donors want to give quickly, the situation in the disaster area is unknown. Charities ask for donations, yet it is too early for even them to know how much money they will need, how they will spend it, and when. Disaster giving can epitomize “spray and pray” giving.

Years afterwards it is critically important to hold charities accountable, to read the progress reports, and critically assess how our giving was used. Did it do the most good possible? Accountability works both ways: Charity Intelligence too needs to be accountable. Did we pick the right charities?

“Having raised the money is not enough: it must reach the projects that truly help people.”

General giving tips for donating to a disaster appeal: a charity's track record, its area of expertise relative to the needs of the disaster, proximity and local presence.

Charity Intelligence's research coverage of disaster giving:

Hurricane Irma Caribbean - September 2017

BC Wildfires - August 2017

Hurricane Matthew Haiti - October 2016

Fort McMurray Wildfire - May 2016

Nepal Earthquake - April 2015

Philippines Typhoon Haiyan - November 2013

Lac Megantic - July 2013

Haiti Earthquake - January 2011

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