Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday


Tuesday, November 27 is the international day of giving. But where to give? At Charity Intelligence, we believe donors should do a little research before giving. And we have a few ideas of where to look:

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Giving Tuesday began in 2012. This is its 7th year. Giving Tuesday is the kick-off to the final 35 days of the Giving Season. The Giving Season is as important to charities as Christmas shopping is to stores. It's not uncommon for charities to receive 40%-50% of their annual donations in December.

Giving Tuesday will be about Instagram and hashtags, but we hope Giving Tuesday is more. Let's make Giving Tuesday a day to reflect on our giving and the change each of us hopes to see in the world.

Key trends in giving: A fundamental shift in donors being more informed and looking into charities.

  • Donors see it as a duty to know about the charities supported rather than "mindlessly giving them money".
  • You are looking for details, a breakdown of specifics, on where your dollar goes
  • You are looking for evidence-based results, actual proven solutions to problems.
  • And impact -  78% of donors say that if they don't know how a donation is making an impact, they are very likely or somewhat likely to stop donating.
  • 71% of you say you would like matching gifts as it increases impact. This is a misperception. Please read the idea of doubling your impact with a matching gift is just mumbo-jumbo.

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