Charity Intelligence has rated over 700 charities on a scale of 0 to 4 stars. Below is a list of the 4-star charities that we have found to date, based on our metrics. To see how the star ratings are calculated, please see our methodology page.

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  • Alice House [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Providing safe second stage housing and supportive counselling to women and children leaving domestic abuse

    Social Services - Women

    Dartmouth, NS

  • Aunt Leah's Place [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Building a Brighter Future for Foster Kids

    Social Services - At-Risk Youth

    New Westminster, BC

  • BC SPCA [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Speaking For Animals

    Animal Welfare

    Vancouver, BC

  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Start something.

    Social Services - Youth

    Burlington, ON

  • Brain Tumour Foundation of Canada [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Hope and Support is Found Here

    Health - Cancer

    London, ON

  • Bruce Trail Conservancy [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Preserving a ribbon of wilderness, for everyone, forever.


    Dundas, ON

  • Calgary Drop-in [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Where people matter

    Social Services - Homeless

    Calgary, AB

  • Calgary Food Bank [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Together, we fight hunger and its root causes because no one should go hungry.

    Social Services - Food Bank (Distributor)

    Calgary, AB

  • Calgary Urban Project Society [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Engage. Motivate. Achieve.

    Social Services

    Calgary, AB

  • Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Take a stand against family violence and abuse

    Social Services - Women

    Calgary, AB

  • Canada Company [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Many ways to serve


    Toronto, ON

  • CanadaHelps [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Giving Made Simple

    Public Benefit

    Toronto, ON

  • Canadian Feed The Children [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    A world in which children thrive free from poverty

    International Aid

    Toronto, ON

  • Canada's voice for wilderness


    Ottawa, ON

  • Canadian Red Cross [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Working to serve humanity

    Social Services

    Ottawa, ON

  • Canadian Tire Jumpstart [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Giving kids a sporting chance.

    Social Services - Youth

    Toronto, ON

  • Coming Together to Help. Helping to Come Together.

    Fundraising Organization

    Montreal, QC

  • To improve the health and quality of life of the communities we serve


    Toronto, ON

  • Charity Intelligence [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Be Informed. Give Intelligently. Have Impact.

    Public Benefit

    Toronto, ON

  • Children's Cottage Society [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Safe children in healthy families

    Social Services - At-Risk Youth

    Calgary, AB

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