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Executive Director: Eric Windeler
Board Chair: Paul Kurdyak

Charitable Reg. #:84852 1837 RR0001


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About Jack.org:

Founded in 2013, Jack.org works to engage young people in mental health advocacy, encouraging youth to take care of themselves and their peers. By working with young people, the charity hopes that future generations will not be affected by a negative stigma associated with mental illness. Jack.org reports that suicide is the leading health-related cause of death for young people in Canada.

Jack Summit represented 34% of program spending in F2019. Jack Summits are youth-led gatherings that bring together mental health advocates from across Canada. In F2019, 257 youth attended the National Summit. Jack.org also held regional summits in British Columbia, Yellowknife, Quebec, and Manitoba.

Jack Chapters represented 24% of program spending in F2019. Jack Chapters are small groups of young people who focus on improving mental health in their communities. Chapters are primarily organized at high schools and post-secondary campuses. In F2019, Jack Chapters reached 129,825 youth.

Mental health activities represented 22% of program spending in F2019. In F2019, Jack.org launched Be There, which is an online resource for youth to get mental health support.  To date, the page has seen over 100k unique visitors.

Jack Talks represented 20% of program spending in F2019. Jack Talks are mental health presentations for youth aged 15-24. Certified youth speakers talk about mental health using personal stories and mental health education to give youth the tools to look out for themselves and their friends. Currently, Jack.org has 120 certified speakers across Canada. In F2019, Jack.org presented to about 82,000 youth.

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Results and Impact

In F2019, Jack.org completed surveys on its programs to gauge their effectiveness. 92% of respondents believe that Jack Talks positively shifted their attitudes about mental health in their community. In terms of chapters, 94% of respondents felt confident that they could promote mental health in their community. For summits, 88% of respondents believe that they gained the knowledge to advocate in their communities. The charity does not report the proportion of participants that the surveys reached.

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Jack.org is a Medium-sized charity, receiving $4.1m in donations in F2019. Compared to F2018, total donations increased by 60% due to a 139% increase in foundation donations. The charity also received $244k in government funding and $230k in event registration and speaker fees. Administrative costs are 6% of revenues and fundraising costs are 22% of donations. For every dollar donated, 72 cents go to the cause. This is within Ci’s reasonable range for overhead spending. Funding reserves of $3.8m can cover 1.4 years of annual program costs.

This charity report is an update that has been sent to Jack.org for review. Changes and edits may be forthcoming.

Updated on June 1, 2020 by Tenzin Shomar.

Financial Review

Financial Ratios

Fiscal year ending June
Administrative costs as % of revenues 6.2%10.4%9.1%
Fundraising costs as % of donations 22.1%18.9%18.5%
Total overhead spending 28.3%29.3%27.7%
Program cost coverage (%) 140.9%155.4%146.3%

Summary Financial Statements

All figures in $s
Donations 4,075,7892,554,9642,036,644
Goods in kind 67,65142,73836,808
Government funding 244,47818,7980
Fees for service 229,688135,39791,820
Investment income 71,14611,8426,218
Total revenues 4,688,7522,763,7392,171,490
Program costs 2,701,4481,738,5251,094,500
Administrative costs 286,881285,587197,580
Fundraising costs 900,607483,308377,340
Total spending 3,888,9402,507,4201,669,420
Cash flow from operations 799,816256,319502,070
Capital spending 149,92771,58320,192
Funding reserves 3,807,6752,702,0181,601,377

Note: Ci has removed amortization from programming, administrative, and fundraising costs pro-rata.

Salary Information

Full-time staff: 27

Avg. Compensation: $63,078

Top 10 staff salary range:

$350k +
$300k - $350k
$250k - $300k
$200k - $250k
$160k - $200k
$120k - $160k
$80k - $120k
$40k - $80k
< $40k

Information from most recent CRA Charities Directorate filings for F2019

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Comments & Contact

Comments added by the Charity:

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Jack.org in Canada’s only charity that trains and empowers young people to revolutionize mental health by providing education, advocacy training, and mentorship to young people aged 15-24. Through educational Jack Talks presentations, youth-led Jack Chapters, and skill-building Jack Summits, young people identify and dismantle barriers to positive mental health in their communities. With support from Jack.org, young leaders provide relevant mental health education to their peers, normalize difficult conversations, encourage help­-seeking, and advocate for safer, more supportive communities.

Jack.org is working towards a Canada where all young people understand how to take care of their own mental health and look out for each other; a Canada without shame and where all young people that need support get the help they deserve. In 2018-2019, 1,900 Jack.org youth leaders from coast to coast to coast will lead 230 Jack Chapters, deliver 400 Jack Talks, and host 30 Jack Summits. Over the past five years, Jack.org youth leaders have started over 400,000 peer-led mental health conversations—and we’re only just getting started.

None of this is possible without the support of our generous donors. Thank you for fuelling the mental health revolution!

Charity Contact

Website: www.jack.org
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Tel: 416-425-2494