HOPE International Development Agency

214 Sixth Street
New Westminster, BC V3L 3A2
Executive Director & CEO: Dale W. Bowler
International President: David S. McKenzie

Website: www.hope-international.com
Charitable Reg. #: 10749 0146 RR0001
Sector: International Aid
Operating Charity

Results Reporting

Grade: C+

The grade is based on the charity's public reporting of the work it does and the results it achieves.

Financial Transparency

Audited financial statements available only upon request [Audited financial statement for most recent year]

Need for Funding

Funding Reserves Program Costs

Spending Breakdown

Cents to the Cause

2013 2014 2015
For a dollar donated, cents funding the cause after fundraising and admin costs, excluding surplus.

Full-time staff #13

Avg. Compensation $84,235

Top 10 Staff Salary Range

$350k + 0
$300k - $350k 0
$250k - $300k 0
$200k - $250k 0
$160k - $200k 0
$120k - $160k 1
$80k - $120k 2
$40k - $80k 7
< $40k 0
Information from most recent CRA Charities Directorate filings for F2015

About HOPE International Development Agency:

Founded in 1975, HOPE International Development Agency's (HOPE) mission is “to improve the supply of basic human necessities for the neediest of the needy in the Third World through self-help activities, and to challenge, educate, and involve North Americans regarding development issues.” HOPE works on over 60 initiatives in 20 countries in the Americas, South East Asia, South Asia and Africa. Its work primarily focuses on providing clean water, sustainable food supplies, good health, education and skills, and improved income to the poor. HOPE’s strategy assesses needs, enables families and communities to do the work themselves, and evaluates outcomes. However, the charity does not appear to publicly report on this evaluation.


HOPE’s clean water program aims to provide clean water to people with scarce or contaminated access to water. The charity’s food program aims to help families grow nutritious food in a sustainable manner, while earning extra income on the sale of surplus harvest. Its health program aims to help people, especially mothers and children, learn to reduce sickness and maintain good health. HOPE’s learning program aims to help people escape poverty and become self-reliant through education and skills training. Finally, its income program aims to provide people with low-interest loans in order to earn enough income to become self-reliant.


In F2015, HOPE reported that it helped more than 760,000 people through more than 60 initiatives.

Financial Review:

HOPE International Development Agency is a large charity, with donations of $6m in F2015. The majority of its revenues are donated goods-in-kind, making up 62% of revenues at $11.3m in F0215. HOPE does not report its fundraising costs on its audited financial statements. The fundraising amount reported in the charity’s T3010 was used in this analysis. The charity’s administrative costs are 5% of revenues, and its fundraising costs are 21% of donations. For every $1 donated to the charity, 74 cents is put towards its programs, falling with Ci's reasonable range. HOPE’s funding reserves of $2m result in a program cost coverage ratio of 12%. This means that the charity can fund 1.3 months of its annual programs using its existing reserves.

This charity report is an update that is being reviewed by HOPE International Development Agency. Changes and edits may be forthcoming.

Updated on July 25, 2016 by Lynn Tay.

Financial Ratios

Fiscal year ending December
Administrative costs as % of revenues 5.3%3.9%3.7%
Fundraising costs as % of donations 21.1%16.9%17.5%
Program cost coverage (%) 11.6%14.9%16.9%

Summary Financial Statements

All figures in $000s
Donations 6,0336,6556,428
Goods in kind 11,34613,96414,574
Government funding 7812,383670
Other income 273242
Total revenues 18,18723,03321,714
Program costs - International 16,11520,38518,806
Program costs - Canada 987853886
Administrative costs 961902811
Fundraising costs 1,2711,1251,125
Cash flow from operations (1,148)(231)85
Funding reserves 1,9793,1593,323
Note: Ci has used the fundraising costs reported on the charity’s T3010, and has deducted the fundraising costs from the charity’s international programs. Ci has adjusted amortization affecting expenses by ($18k) in F2015, by ($17k) in F2014, and by ($18k) in F2013.

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