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150-8960 University High Street
Burnaby, BC V5A 4Y6
Executive Director: Britt Andersen
Board Chair: Bill Pristanski

Website: www.terryfox.org
Charitable Reg. #: 10809 9979 RR0001
Sector: Health - Cancer
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Financial Transparency

Audited financial statements for current and previous years available on the charity's website [Audited financial statement for most recent year]

Need for Funding

Funding Reserves Program Costs

Spending Breakdown

Cents to the Cause

2015 2016 2017
For a dollar donated, cents funding the cause after fundraising and admin costs, excluding surplus.

Full-time staff #39

Avg. Compensation $61,161

Top 10 Staff Salary Range

$350k + 0
$300k - $350k 0
$250k - $300k 0
$200k - $250k 0
$160k - $200k 1
$120k - $160k 1
$80k - $120k 5
$40k - $80k 3
< $40k 0
Information from most recent CRA Charities Directorate filings for F2017

About Terry Fox Foundation:

Terry Fox Foundation (TFF) started after Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope in 1980. Terry Fox, a 20-year old cancer patient, ran 5,373 kilometers across Canada to raise awareness and funds for cancer research. He passed away in June 1981. Terry Fox Foundation’s mission is to realize Terry Fox’s vision of a world without cancer by funding innovative cancer research. TFF primarily funds cancer research at the Terry Fox Research Institute, the research arm of the foundation and a related party. TFF funds discovery research, translational research, and training new researchers. Translational research involves applying research findings to treatment directly.

In F2017, Terry Fox Foundation distributed $22.3m to Terry Fox Research Institute and $1.2m to international cancer research organizations. Approximately 98% of the Research Institute's research funding comes from Terry Fox Foundation.  Since founding, the Research Institute has provided grants to over 400 investigators.  In F2017, TFF funded 405 researchers across 80 Canadian institutions.

The under-funded cancers that kill the most Canadians are lung, colorectal, and pancreatic. TFF reports that the five-year survival rate of lung cancer is 18%, but if lung cancer is detected early enough in patients, the cure rate is 70%. A project funded by TFF created a successful model for early detection of individuals at high risk for lung cancer. In F2017, Terry Fox Research invested 9% ($2 million) in colorectal cancer, and another 4% on lung and pancreatic cancer. 

Results and Impact: A study published in January 2017 and funded by Terry Fox Foundation is the first to show how the prostate genome can be used to predict whether patients with localized and non-indolent cancers will have more or less aggressive cancers. The findings can help detect the form of prostate cancer early on to increase survival rates and reduce side effects from treatments. The findings also help researchers determine how to use current treatments more precisely. 

Financial Review:

Terry Fox Foundation is one of the Major 100 charities of Canada. In F2017, it received donations of $21.9m. Administrative costs are 8% of revenues and fundraising costs are 16% of donations. For every dollar donated, 76 cents go to the cause, falling within Ci’s reasonable range. TFF has funding reserves of $86.3m that can cover 3.7 years of program costs.

This charity report is an update that has been sent to Terry Fox Foundation for review. Changes and edits may be forthcoming.

Updated on July 11, 2018 by Joeyanne Cheung.

Financial Ratios

Fiscal year ending March
Administrative costs as % of revenues 8.4%8.9%5.5%
Fundraising costs as % of donations 15.7%15.6%14.7%
Program cost coverage (%) 365.9%361.2%386.5%

Summary Financial Statements

All figures in $000s
Donations 21,92120,29020,652
Government funding 373037
Business activities (net) 202111136
Investment income 5,6651,3606,495
Other income 1,2431,3522,151
Total revenues 29,06923,14329,471
Grants 23,58023,72323,666
Administrative costs 1,9641,9341,267
Fundraising costs 3,4363,1573,026
Cash flow from operations 88(5,671)1,512
Funding reserves 86,27585,68191,469
Note: Ci reports net revenues from merchandise sold, reducing both revenues and expenses by $505k in F2017, $701k in F2016, and $518k in F2015. Ci removed amortization from administrative and fundraising costs. Other income includes international donations of $1.2m in F2017, $1.4m in F2016, and $2.2m in F2015.

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