At Charity Intelligence, our motto is: Be informed. Give intelligently. Have impact. We see these as the basic building blocks for donors to be able to strengthen the charitable sector and produce a better Canadian society.
In order to have the most impact with their giving, donors must give intelligently. In order to give intelligently, donors must be informed. So the question that we continually wrestle with is: what information do donors need to be informed?

In 2006, Charity Intelligence started researching and analysing charities, gathering data that we believed was most important.  We gathered information on charities’ management and operations, analyzed financial data, and dug into available information on the social results produced by charities – the impact of the charities’ programs.

As many charities did not publicly disclose their audited financial statements, we added financial transparency as a key metric. Improving financial transparency in Canada's charity sector is a research initiative in 2016.

The essential information about a charity is the clients it serves, the work it undertakes, and the results it achieves. This is called "social results" reporting. This is far more important than fundraising costs and administrative overhead, in our opinion. Yet this critical information is often not disclosed.  

Typically Charity Intelligence assesses a charity's social results from the information posted on its website and in annual reports, newsletters, impact reports etc. We believe all donors should have access to results information, whether they donate $100 or $100,000. We encourage charities to publicly post annual results for all to read. Hopefully, funders will also come to accept one annual report, reducing the burden on charities to provide individual reports for each funder. 

Occasionally, in doing specific projects for donors, Charity Intelligence reaches out to a charity for information. This is new for charities and we are happy to answer questions.

" If you received a request from Kate Bahen of Charity Intelligence (Ci) asking for information, I would recommend that you give her everything that she asks for.

Charity Intelligence has been a wonderful source of endorsement that has led to literally hundreds of thousands of dollars for Fresh Start since 2010. Many high net worth donors rely on the information that Charity Intelligence publishes as they have faith in their process, principles and management team.    

....Congratulations on being noticed!"

Wayne Steer, Director of Fund Development

FRESH Start Recovery Centre

December 2014


Office: (403) 250-9279 x 529

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