Coronavirus: Intelligent Giving

Coronavirus: Intelligent Giving

Charity Intelligence's recommendations and articles on the coronavirus pandemic. 

Last updated: May 4, 2020 

Charity Intelligence's top picks for covid-19 response:

Top-rated Canadian frontline charities

MSF - Medecines Sans Frontiers/Doctors Without Borders

Farm Radio International 

Giving for Covid-19 Response: Prepare a plan. Many charities are fundraising for COVID-19 responses. For intelligent giving, make a plan so your giving can do the most good. The international choices are clearer. Charity Intelligence recommends Doctors Without Borders and Farm Radio International. 

Like toilet paper hoarders, some charities are fundraising despite having years of reserves to weather the coronavirus pandemic, March 24, 2020 

Finest hour: Bill Gates and other philanthropists first responders to coronavirus