Four Star Charities

Charity Intelligence has rated over 750 charities on a scale of 0 to 4 stars.

Below is a list of the 4-star charities that we have found to date, based on our metrics. To see how the star ratings are calculated, please see our methodology page.

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If you would like to see a charity that is not yet rated, please send us the name of the charity and those charities receiving the most donor votes will be rated. Please note, we receive over 3,000 requests each year and can only do i) the most requested charities and ii) charities that provide us with information. If we need to file a request for information with the CRA, this can take more than 18 months.

  • Operation Eyesight Universal [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    For All The World To See

    International Aid

    Calgary, AB

  • Opportunity International Canada [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Changing lives, changing course. Replacing poverty with sustainability.

    International Aid

    Waterloo, ON

  • Our Place [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Live, share and grow together.

    Social Services - Homeless (shelter)

    Victoria, BC

  • Pathways to Education [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Building a graduation nation


    Toronto, ON

  • Compassion. Care. Support.

    Health - Palliative

    Toronto, ON

  • The Anglican Church of Canada's agency for sustainable development, relief, refugees and global justice.

    International Aid

    Toronto, ON

  • Queen's University [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Wisdom and knowledge shall be the stability of thy times

    Education - University

    Kingston, ON

  • Ryan's Well [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Access to clean water, sanitation and hygiene changes everything

    International Aid

    Kemptville, ON

  • Saskatoon Food Bank [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Ensuring a food secure community

    Social Services - Food Bank (Multi-Service Agency)

    Saskatoon, SK

  • Second Harvest [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    30 years of food rescue

    Social Services - Food Bank (Distributor)

    Toronto, ON

  • SEVA Canada [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Giving the gift of sight.

    International Aid

    Vancouver, BC

  • Shelterbox Canada [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    What We Can Do When Disaster Strikes.

    International Aid

    Toronto, ON

  • Simon Fraser University [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Engaging The World

    Education - University

    Vancouver, BC

  • St. Stephen's Community House [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Creating Opportunities. Strengthening Communities.

    Social Services

    Toronto, ON

  • Street Health [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Together We Can Make It Work

    Social Services - Homeless

    Toronto, ON

  • The Boundless School [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    An exquisite learning environment where kids don’t want to leave.

    Education - Youth At-Risk

    Toronto, ON

  • The Mississauga Food Bank [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Fighting Hunger…Feeding Hope

    Social Services - Food Bank (Distributor)

    Mississauga, ON

  • The Redwood [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    Free from fear. Free from threat.

    Social Services - Women

    Toronto, ON

  • Removing barriers for children so that every child is nourished and able to learn.

    Social Services - Youth

    Toronto, ON

  • Toronto Humane Society [Charity Rating: 4/4]

    To promote the humane care and protection ofall animals and to prevent cruelty and suffering.

    Animal Welfare

    Toronto, ON