Ci's New Website

Ci's New Website

One hot August weekend, when most of you were off-line, Ci launched its new website. It’s all ready for you and the 2019 Giving Season.

Ci has a lot of content!  Like any big move, this migration will take a while to sort through. We think we’ve “unpacked” all the boxes. Please tell us if anything you need is missing.


Key new features:

Cleaner, lighter layout. The same content is now in a cleaner, easier-to-read format. We’ve added more pictures, nodding to today’s emphasis on images.

New “Snapshot”. The most viewed pages on our website are the reports on approximately 740 charities. The new Snapshot gives you the quick facts on each charity, right at the top of each charity report. The same information - in a new layout.

New Menu.  Each charity report has a new menu so you can navigate faster to your favourite sections like Results and Impact, Finances, and Comments.

New search by sector. All the charities in one sector are grouped together like environmental charities, and international aid. These sectors are a little sparse right now, but we’ll be grouping more for you to review.

More mobile-friendly: Mobile visits are quickly approaching half of our website visits. You want charity information on your phones. The new website has dynamic scaling making it easier to read on screens of all sizes.  

More financial information: You always impress us by your interest and desire for more information. We’ve seized this opportunity to add more disclosure on each charity’s financials, with new lines for Total overhead spending (as a % of donations), Total spending, and Capital spending (cap ex). (It will take a couple of years for all charity’s financials to be updated with this new information.)

For Charities: While 99%+ of our website visitors are donors, charities need to use the website to understand Ci’s process and methods. We now have a separate section just for charities. Like “his” and “her” closets, the “For Charities” section gives charities their own space for the information they need to be more transparent and improve results reporting.

With a new platform, we expect there will be fewer outages. Our old website was eight years old. Like most technology, it was showing its age. Each update would cause havoc. Furthermore, eight years ago, annual website visits were 46,000. This year we had 497,000 visits. We anticipate this new website will handle over a million visits a year


Thank you!

  • First and foremost, thanks to The W. Garfield Weston Foundation. Its tremendous support made this new website a reality for all Canadian donors.
  • To Anna Hermansen, one cool chick with an eye for design, fonts, style and layout – not the forte of your Ci analysts.
  • To Paul Wang at Ziplogic, who custom coded our needs and has the patience of Job. Always a smile, a “can do” attitude, and hours spent working alongside us.
  • To Stuart Thursby at Stack Creative who’s genius saw a better way to show you charity information in the new Snapshot.
  • And to all of you who gave us your honest feedback saying that Charity Intelligence’s website was old and outdated. Not always the comments we delight in hearing, but the truth. We listened. And we’re so glad we did. We love this new website.


Enjoy, tip your hat to the amazing Weston Foundation – and give intelligently!


Early feedback:

Ci Website 2019 - early feedback

Let us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. what you think!  Ci’s innovation is driven by the feedback and comments we get from donors across Canada.  


About the website


This is Charity Intelligence's third website. We've learnt from past lessons. We prefer "off the shelf" models to minimize customization. This saves money and gives us greater independence in adding content. We stayed with Joomla’s content management platform. While Joomla is losing market share to more modern content management platforms, if it’s good enough for IKEA, it will do. Ci’s data needs are too complex for WIX and Word Press, and we don’t have the budget (or technical brains) for Drupal. We used the Joomla template Gazette from Joomla Shaper.

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