November 11, 2016

Here is the list of Canada's 10 largest charities measured by donations. While largest in size, the term "Top" does not refer to these charities being Canada's best or high impact. In total, Canadians donated over $1.5 billion to these 10 Canadian charities. Charity Intelligence estimates this is roughly 9% of the $16 billion Canadians give to charities each year. That's a huge degree of concentration; 10 charities take 9% of all Canadian giving. Canada's largest 100 charities receive approximately 33% of total Canadian giving.

Charity Intelligence has independent reports on each of these charities so Canadian donors can be informed and give intelligently. To view a profile, simply click on the name of the charity below. 


Rank and Charity Name


($ millions)

1. World Vision Canada

International development and disaster response


2. Salvation Army

National programs


3. Canadian Cancer Society

Cancer programs, advocacy and research 


4. Canadian Red Cross

National community health programs, international development and disaster response


5. Plan Canada

International development and disaster response


6. United Way Toronto & York Region

Fundraising organization granting to multiple social service agencies in GTA


7.  SickKids Foundation

Fundraising organization for children's hospital


8. Heart and Stroke Foundation

Heart disease prevention and research 


9. Toronto General & Western Hospital Foundation

Fundraising organization for hospital


10.  Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation

Fundraising organization for cancer hospital


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